The second selection is for a sideby-side installation. For now, it seems that the older version gets the job done. As long as all other devices in the test system could be accessed through Agilent VISA, there was no conflict. I installed command expert and Agilent IO libraries, and now Measurement and Automation does not see anything It requires the use of special VXI backplane drivers supplied with the software. All logos and trademarks are properties of their respective companies. Consequently, these interfaces are able to utilize functions of the status system, which are inoperative with the socket interface or RS

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agilent a usb connection – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Next, install the hpfvxi drivers supplied with the software. Finally, configure the desired interfaces.

I already checked the tulip in MAX. This new paradigm allows the test engineer to choose the software and hardware that best fit the application.

I’ll check if there is another option.

How can I make NI LabVIEW communicate with my 82357A USB/GPIB Interface?

Message 7 of The easiest and supported solution is to use an Agilent interface. Here’s a link to that error: Accepted by topic author SteKo. I’ve tried some more: We’ll send you an email letting you know exactly when your piece of equipment will be available for viewing Name: Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.


That did the trick.

Stable and dependable communication must use the network client provided by the x0 software. Click a thumbnail to view larger image: The status system allows a controller to be informed of the status of an instrument or measurement by means of the Service Request SRQ. The second selection is for a sideby-side installation.

Examples of instruments that can communicate through sockets are the EA and EA mentioned above port Yes, I actually made Agilent’s the secondary driver not the primary. However, there are still some programs that require the use of SICL. The firmware server requires synchronous communications, where handshaking takes place to verify that the last command has been received and it is OK to send the next one.

There you have an IO Monitor and I watched whats going on:. Message 3 of 5. Best regards SteKo Solved! Does it appear under this category in Device Manager?

I will look around for another version of MAX and see if re-installing fixes the problem. Message 8 of But it was a Prolific chip interface. Message 1 of 5. This is optional, but it is a good way to check the connection.


Does anynoe can help me? Please complete this questionnaire and return to Andrea Gibson. If someone is interested in digging deeper into the problem, feel free. The tulip passport tuliip around with the buffers and I am failing to find the option tulpi change that. I have an agilent a instrument. There you have an IO Monitor and I watched whats going on: I am not sure why this happened, but if you guys experience this, thlip visa which contains the latest MAX in it.

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