I did not have it on the best video setting. Check out this little lot I reviewed some time ago, or this hyper-multifunctional widget for about the same price as the Digitrex camera, for instance. Is the camera at fault or setting on computer, am using camera software to download picture. Lithium AAs are best of all among the non-rechargeables, but they’re more than three times as expensive as plain alkalines and do not have capacity that matches their price. Any DPOF data you enter is saved in the image headers, so it’s safe when the camera’s off, but the camera doesn’t remember anything else when you turn it off.

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But the cheapies, as mentioned above, lack lots of basic features. Digitrex is an Australia-only brand which graces a lot of cheapo DVD players.

Note that there’s some noticeable vignetting in the corners of the image, especially the top left corner; this isn’t exactly a top-class lens.


Then, there’s USB data transfer speed. Focus is not, however, something that DSC users are going to need to worry about. They’re OK for listening to voice notes on images, but no good for anything else. There’s also a Digitrez A Picture button, which doesn’t seem to do digitrrx darn thing; you can click it all you like, but no pictures are added to the image list, even if you close the camera driver window and then open it again.

Digitrex DSC 2100 digital camera

22110 Like a lot of cheap point and shoot cameras, the DSC has a slow-charging flash, which adds about ten seconds to the cycle time. Manufacturers therefore like to opt for a pretty close focus setting, which makes fixed focus cameras lousy for landscape photography. It wanted to under-expose the scene a bit it was lit by natural light through a window, and by a couple of halogen downlights from abovebut a one-notch exposure compensation bump solved that problem. Pressing MENU again to leave menu mode will let you turn the display on, and pressing the shutter button will take a picture and deactivate the menu, but many users will probably spend a while pointlessly mashing the DISPLAY button before they discover this.


This means that every time you empty the camera or give it a new CompactFlash card, you also reset the filenames of the images; it’ll start from “PICT That adds up to around nine amp seconds per flash. Which, digihrex a six-colour ink jet using decent paper, is photo quality. I think some of them take 2 AA batteries.

Digitrex DSC anyone using it? – RC Groups

One of them picks the shooting mode – regular snapshot, ten second self-timer, sequence mode which the manual says will shoot five no-flash images in quick succession when you press the shutter button, but which actually seems to shoot only digitrdx, at two to three second intervalsmovie clip mode, and voice note mode, which lets you tack a seven second audio clip onto the last photo you shot but which won’t record if the lens cover’s open.

Kodak kind of gloss over the issue, and I’m figuring they’d say it was autofocus, if it was. When the camera’s hung, it usually just sits there with its green “ready” light on and does nothing, no matter what you do with its mode dial.

The lightly sprung mode dial is mildly annoying, and the optical viewfinder takes a little getting used to before you can get framing right, but the thing behaves itself pretty well on digitex whole. Using it, or working out the numbers by hand, reveals that the DSC’s lens ought to be focussed at about the five metre mark, for good infinity focus.


This means that close-up flash shots are doomed to dgitrex severely over-exposed – and then followed by the same lengthy flash recharge period as any other flash shot. Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions.

But the camera didn’t shut down or go bananas when this happened. Which is enough time for a lot of pictures.

Or in the Hiteker line, for that matter. The three buttons to the left of the dial and shutter button are for snapshot mode use. Pop it back up, and your next push will stow the rod again. It does play MP3s. The camera also comes with four off-brand alkaline AA cells, but non-rechargeable batteries are not a good choice for powering any camera with an LCD screen and a flash.

The camera doesn’t, generally, stop responding while you’re just taking pictures.

Lithium AAs are best of all among the non-rechargeables, but they’re more than three times digktrex expensive as plain alkalines and do not have capacity that matches their price.

Something is seriously amiss, here; perhaps it was my test PC at fault, but given the DSC’s other oddities, I doubt it. And it can play Dogitrex files, too. The door feels rather plasticky, and is under significant strain thanks to the spring-contacted batteries, but it seems to have enough tongue-and-groove fitting length that it’s not too likely to break. The DSC is not a fabulous digital camera, but for the money, I don’t think you’ll find better at the moment.

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