If you continue browsing, you agree to the use of cookies. In my book, one of the best clean booster circuits available today. Jack, you use it first in line? I have owned a Micro Amp and had no complaints; very transparent, easy to use. She is reputed to be very clear. My old configuration without the boost: Our members also liked:

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ZexcoilDec 15, MXR and Custom Audio Electronics founder Bob Bradshaw – two names that have shaped the lone of the world’s greatest guitarists – join forces to bring you a dynamic new line of pedals. No sound coloration, no gain change whatsoever on the clean channel or on the od.

MXR CAE MC Boost/Line Driver | The Gear Page

Our most jxr Miscellaneous Guitar Effects. Add to wish list. Did you find this review helpful? You have to think to put the pedal effects loop if it is to increase the volume and only the volume of the amp. Which one would you choose?


MXR Micro Amp or CAE MC-401 Boost

Amazing pedal and highly recomended for every guitarists rig, acoustic or electric. I used to be a boost liine my pedaltone. Dec 17, Write a user review. It is not limited. As much as I had the MXR that colored a little, but that it mounts the volume, that’s all.

MXR/CAE Boost Pedal

I’ve had a Micro Amp in the effects loop for many years, now. MXR MC ratings. The majority of people in your audience are not going to notice this at all so you’re ready to rip those notes! Log in or Sign up. Honestly for the money you’d be just as well off to buy a pickup booster and leave the little switch on zero.

This choice I would gladly if I loose the pedal or if I have to design a second pedalboard. Feb 8, 1. That said I use it as a boost, rather than to make up signal loss.

Editing sounds is easy anyway as the pedal is transparent. I set it very low 9 o’clock max and find it makes my rig sound “better” in some mild mannered way.


Kyle AshleyDec 15, Home Forums Recent Posts.

Dec jxr, 5. The three characters that I like most about this boost: Also allows you to attack the big racks or large pedalbords by lowering the impedance to avoid losses Heady Jam FanDec 15, Log in or Sign up.

THE top, having one front and one in the loop.

Feb 8, 6.

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